[ENG] The Boyz (더보이즈) - Got It (있어) Colour-Coded Lyrics | MusicMall

[ENG] The Boyz (더보이즈) - Got It (있어) Colour-Coded Lyrics

here's my first try at making a lyric video lmao (45% of the making of this video was actually me just trying to position their photos in a way so that it all fit, and then giving up and putting those random barriers lmao)

credit to genius and the contributor for some of the lyrics, as other lyrics i translated myself! romanization is also from genius too :D

tbh this isn't an official line distribution, because i basically did this all from ear and guessed which member sang what line based on the voice, so it shouldn't be all too accurate. still waiting for them to perform this live haha it's a great song!

i don't own any one of the photos, or song here, that all belongs to cre.ker entertainment

feel free to ask for more lyric videos!! i'll probably on do some on songs that don't actually have videos, since god knows how many b-side tracks need lyric videos sobs

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