THE BOYZ (더보이즈) - GOT IT (있어) (Color coded Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics/가사) | MusicMall

THE BOYZ (더보이즈) - GOT IT (있어) (Color coded Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics/가사)

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Sangyeon: #ED8A4C - Flamenco
Jacob: #4A5F6B - Fiord
Younghoon: #798FA3 - Light Slate Grey
Hyunjae: #AE5E56 - Apple Blossom
Juyeon: #539E69 - Ocean Green
Kevin: #8D7483 - Strikemaster (wonder if he's good at bowling lol ??)
New: #505C83 - Chambray
Q: #508373 - Cutty Sark
Ju Haknyeon: #758872 - Xanadu
Hwall: #58556D - Smoky
Sunwoo: #F19C7E - Dark Salmon
Eric: #E2BC4A - Ronchi

should i keep doing it like this?? or just keep it normal????

hopefully i didnt do any mistakes!!! they havent sung this live yet, so god knows if i coded it right :'))

ya'll, guess who just stanned another group,,,,def u and me ;))) and im gonna do their whole ep :))))) i've been literally snATCHED BY HYUNJAE !! THERES NO GOING BACK NOW AND oOOF BOoOOoOOOOI HWALL BE WRECKING ME BY SHOOTIN THEM ARROWS OMGGGGG AND KEVIN GOT ME JUST AS MUCH AND IM LIKE ??? OMG LETS NOT FORGET Q !!! anOTHER HAMJJI!!

tracklist for - The First (EP);
02. BOY (소년) -
03. Walkin' in Time (시간이 안 지나가) -
04. Got It (있어) - u r here
05. I'm Your Boy -

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